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Why Vanuatu May Be the Ideal Choice for your Second Citizenship?

Why Vanuatu May Be the Ideal Choice for your Second Citizenship?

Besides the beautiful and peaceful environment of Vanuatu that consists of 83 islands, there are many reasons why this country is attracting many global investors. Over one hundred languages are spoken in Vanuatu, with English, French, and Bislama the three main languages. As a huge advantage, securing citizenship after obtaining it is easy and inexpensive. The citizenship by investment program is only possible through the Development Support Program. Anyone above 18 years old can apply, and no language test, minimum of stay, or business knowledge is required. The main reasons why Vanuatu is offering ideal citizenship by investment program are:

The incredibly fast citizenship approval process: 

The government can issue the Vanuatu passport in 45-60 days. To apply for second citizenship, the main applicant needs to apply for:


Affordability of the program 

The main applicant needs to make a donation worth USD 130,000 in this program (plus government fees) or USD 180,000 to cover a family of four. On average, it means applying for a second passport for only USD 60,000, which is a unique opportunity globally. Aside from its affordability, the major plus to this program is that Vanuatu citizenship is hereditary.

The global mobility      

Vanuatu is a member of the British Commonwealth. The country’s citizens have access to 125 countries visa-free, and these include the UK and the members of the European Union, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Russia. 


Exceptional business opportunities 

Exceptional tax policies adopted by the government of the Vanuatu is another factor that has caught the attention of global investors. Aside from costumes tax and VAT, the nation is tax-free. For both international and national corporations based in Vanuatu, there are no associated tax charges, and also the profits made by such corporations are not subject to tax. This strategy has successfully attracted many international banks and corporations to make Vanuatu their starting point for running a business or opening new branches in this country. Besides, the Vanuatu government has significantly facilitated company formation and management for attracting more wealth from around the world.


Affordable real estate 

Relatively cheap real estate is another plus for foreign investors who would like to start investing in this field. It is also possible to buy a whole island in Vanuatu. The growing tourism industry of the country guarantees that real estate and rentals are always in demand. 


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