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How to Secure Residency in the UAE?


How to Secure Residency in the UAE?

Due to various reasons and the high-quality of life offered by the UAE, it is no secret that it has become one of the most attractive destinations for expats globally. What makes this vision even brighter is securing permanent residency in the UAE is simple and really fast. Here are the reasons why and how the procedure can be pursued for each category of possible application submissions:

Incredibly fast process of residency approval:

The whole UAE residency application process takes no more than one month. An entry permit can be issued even within a week or two. There are four stages for obtaining the UAE residency:

Starting a company:

Running a firm in the UAE can secure a permanent residency for entrepreneurs and reward them with exceptional and exclusive opportunities only available through running a business in the UAE. The UAE market is thriving, and internationally, it is already a famous global business hub with a growing reputation. Corporate and income tax exemption (except oil companies and banks) is another attractive aspect of running a UAE business.

There are also other ways to obtain the UAE’s permanent residency:

Establishing a company is still the most popular option among the businessmen as they will not really need to perform any business activities after forming a company. Yet, still, this method provides them with a fast shortcut for obtaining residency. Thus, this option can be desirable for those who would like to retire or do not intend to work in the UAE.

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